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Frequently Asked Questions about Commission Advances

Too many residential realtors spend much of their life waiting for closings and their commission checks since they don’t fully understand how a commission advancement works. At Get My Commission, LLC, we provide a simple, transparent advancement process with no hidden conditions or fees. We want you to fully understand how the process works, as well as the many benefits an advance can provide.

Who is Get My Commission, LLC?

Get My Commission, LLC was created by a small group of successful real estate agents that realized that even though they were considered some of the top brokers and agents in their market, they still found times that consistency in their income would be incredibly helpful in both their marketing plan and also keeping up with those pesky personal expenses that never seem to stop coming. They know the real estate industry and understand that even the most successful agents and brokers in town need the ability to have consistent access to their commissions.

How much of my commission can I get upfront?

You can apply for an advance of your entire commission up to a maximum of $10,000.

Who is eligible for the commission advancement?

Residential real estate agents only, not commercial agents.

Can I get a commission advance on FHA or VA loans?

Unfortunately, advances are not available for FHA or VA loans. However, we do provide advances for all other types of residential real estate transactions.

How long does it take to get my commission advance?

Once your application is approved, you can have your with a 1 hour wire or 24 hour ACH, your choice!.

Are there any application fees?

Applying for a commission advance is completely free.

What does it cost to get the commissions advancement?

You only pay a flat 12.5 percent fee to reap all of the benefits of advance funds, which can help keep your business on track for success.

When do I pay the advancement fee?

There are no upfront fees in our advancement process. Instead, we receive our fees at the time of closing, making it easier for you.

What if my closing date is delayed?

We know that the timeline of residential real estate transactions can be unpredictable, and delays can happen for many unexpected reasons. Should your closing be delayed, we offer extensions up to 90 days.

What happens if the sale doesn’t go through as planned?

Many realtors hesitate to seek an advance because they know all too well that not every sale closes as planned. In the event that you get an advance, and the deal falls through, we offer a free 20-day extension to pay back the loan amount. We can also use a qualified sale on lot that is sufficient to cover the amount borrowed. If you do not currently have another qualifying deal, there is an option to be enrolled in a $500 monthly payment plan for an additional $250 fee and an additional 2 percent per month on the principal.

Does Get My Commission do credit checks?

No, we do not check your credit history.

Does Get My Commission sell my information?

No, all of the information provided by you is confidential.

What Do I need to provide Get My Commission?

- An active real estate license
- A pending contract within 120 days of closing
- A valid bank account
- Confirmation that you are not a broker/owner of your own brokerage. We only work with residential agents.
- Confirmation that you work for a brokerage with more than 20 agents.

Will the buyer or seller know about this transaction?

No, all information that transpires between us is confidential.

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The above are only some of the many frequently asked questions we hear from realtors and brokers regarding commission advancement services. If you have more questions specific to your situation, never hesitate to call us at 888-244-1720. If you are ready to learn how much a commission advancement can help you and your real estate business, start your application online today.